How do you describe a grill?

How do you describe a BBQ?

barbecue, an outdoor meal, usually a form of social entertainment, at which meats, fish, or fowl, along with vegetables, are roasted over a wood or charcoal fire. The term also denotes the grill or stone-lined pit for cooking such a meal, or the food itself, particularly the strips of meat.

What do you call a grill?

an appliance for grilling food. …

Can grilled be an adjective?

As detailed above, ‘grilled’ can be a verb or an adjective. Verb usage: The meat was grilled as this was considered the healthier option.

How do you describe the smell of a BBQ?

It’s the smoke — rich, languid, sweet smoke — that imparts so much flavor to the meat and causes your olfactory senses to explode in delight before the first bite is taken. It’s like an early warning to your mouth that something good is about to happen, only without the annoying siren.

How do you use barbecue in a sentence?

Bbq sentence example

  1. The spicy zins stand up nicely to the BBQ flavor. …
  2. Tickets cost just £ 35, which includes a champagne aperitif and BBQ dinner. …
  3. In the summer months, guests can enjoy a BBQ on the pool terrace. …
  4. We have just bought a small electric BBQ for use in the garden which plugs into the outside kitchen area.
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Is grilling barbecuing?

“Most people don’t know the difference between barbecuing and grilling,” says Hueston. … “When you barbecue you are cooking with a slow circumvented unit of hot air with the lid closed. Grilling is done with the lid up and you’re cooking with direct heat on the bottom, instead of all around the source.

What do you call an outdoor grill?

A barbecue grill or barbeque grill (known as a barbecue or barbie in Australia and New Zealand) is a device that cooks food by applying heat from below. There are several varieties of grills, with most falling into one of three categories: gas-fueled, charcoal, or electric.

What is another name for a grill in a kitchen?

grill ​Definitions and Synonyms ​‌

​Britishthe part of a cooker where food is cooked under strong heat. The American word is broiler.

What do British call a grill?

In the UK, it’s called a barbecue/bbq. 41.

Which is the closest synonym for the word grill?

synonyms for grill

  • barbecue.
  • roast.
  • sear.
  • burn.
  • cook.
  • rotisserie.
  • charcoal-broil.
  • cook over an open pit.

What part of speech is the word grilled?


part of speech: noun
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part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: grills, grilling, grilled
definition 1: to broil on a grill. synonyms: broil similar words: barbecue, roast, sear

Are you grilled?

Sometimes, to grill means to ask a person really intense questions, like when you suspect them of doing something wrong and you want to make them confess the truth. Ever seen a film where a police officer puts a bright light in a criminal’s face and screams, “Did you do it?” That’s how you grill someone.

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What smells good on the grill?

Herbs are a man’s best friend

They will add to any standard supermarket sausage or burger – whether it’s rosemary, cumin, thyme or sage. It will allow your guests to really appreciate the smell of the food they are about to enjoy, too!

How would you describe the smell of grilled chicken?

That distinctive scent: a hot, comforting, charcoal-tinged haze of smoke in the air and on the breeze.